Interest rate swap claims. Tax allowances.

We find and deliver solutions that help businesses reduce their costs, whether this be through interest rate swap claims or gaining tax allowances. All our services have been fully researched to ensure cost savings and in some cases offer monies rebated. Our services are ethical and we guarantee that our fees are paid from the services and products that help you save money.

Why talk to us?

We represent businesses, who through lack of specialist knowledge, are currently missing out on significant financial injections.

We gain recompense from the big banks successfully handling interest rate swap claims, considerably over and above statutory allowances, with consequential loss claims on top.

We help companies save tax on capital allowances on commercial property.

We negotiate 225% tax rebates on research and development costs across a wide range of industries. Plus a range of other innovative opportunities.

Talk to us. You don’t know what you may be missing!

Made the most of your interest rate swap claims?

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VAT refunds for residential care home owners

You may be entitled to a VAT rebate – find out who qualifies and why. more here

Are you claiming full tax relief on R&D?

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